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To find money you must go where it is..... Hannadex is the business and investment research portal of the Hannaian Research Institute, and home to a group of special Indices designed to assist the Entrepreneur, Investor, Inventor, Researcher, Student and any Market Researcher in their search for timely business and investment information. 

Included is the Hannaian Index, an industrial money flow index, and database of specially selected and funded companies and projects, for those seeking funding and joint venture partners and timely investment opportunities. It is a resource that every entrepreneur and investor needs to be successful and competitive in their industry.

Hannadex also includes  The  Innovation Index  focused on Intellectual Property rich ventures, including Industrial & Academic Technology Transfer. It is an important source for Investors and Venture Capitalists seeking proprietary investment opportunities rich in Intellectual Property value. Unique and proprietary Hannadex ratings and analysis of Intellectual Property Value and Market Competitiveness (IPVMC), and Research Project Market Competitiveness (RPMC) are available to subcribers of the Hannadex Reports.

The Hannaian Intellectual Property Stock (HIPS) Ratings & Index is an Index specifically designed for investors in the Public Securities markets. HIPS is a unique and proprietary ratings system for publicly traded securities developed and maintained by the Hannaian Research Insitute to assist traders and investors in their trading and investing activities.

The Startup Index is designed for Entrepreneurs seeking to start new businesses. The Competition Index assists Entrpreneurs and Investors in their actitives when researching their potential competitors and the marketplace. The Hannadex Venture Investment Structuring Tool (VIST) provides business startup operations access to proper and appropriate business and legal structuring necessary to attract investments and conduct competent fund raising.

The Jobs Index is available to provide job seekers, and product and service contractors with timely information to assist in their employment and contracting efforts.

Finally, the Global Trade Index  tracks and supports International Trade activity, and supports any business selling or buying products and services in the International Marketplace.

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Capital Market & Investment Research for Investors and Industry

Hannadex, and its Indices are research and publishing operations of the Hannaian Research Institute. Businesses and projects needing startup, development, or operational funding,  should register their ventures, projects, and inventions  on Hannadex to find new  funding  sources, identify and monitor their funded competition, and understand where their industry is going.

Registration allows easy research, shopping, and sourcing the availability of business and funding opportunities. Hannadex is an essential tool for any entrepreneur or investment market player wanting to be successful, competitive, and needing to find and track sources of money and investments in the global market.