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Subscription Information

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Subscription and Registration Information and Materials Guide

Click here to subcribe to the Hannadex Reports and access to the online database and reports. (Database not online at this time ....Stay Tuned....)

Links to Sample Hannadex Reports Listed Here for Review.....

The Hannadex Venture Structuring Tool (HVST) is available for small business startup operations that need access to proper and appropriate business and legal structures for competent fund raising. The first step in accessing HVST is to register and complete the The Hannaian Business Matching Database & Business & Project Evaluation Service forms of the Hannaian Investment Banking Support Service (HIBSS).

Companies or individuals wishing to access HSVT and other HIBSS services are encouraged to Register with the Hannaian Business Matching Database. Those wishing to have their business or project evaluated as to its potentional for funding and capitalization should fill out the Business and Project Evaluation Form.

1. Click here to register your company or business needs with the database.

Click here to fill out the Business and Project Evaluation Form.