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The Hannaian Index (Hannadex)

By Adminhindex 4072 days ago

The Hannaian Index (Hannadex)

To find money you must go where it is. Hannadex is a business and investment money flow index and database of specially selected and funded companies and projects, for those seeking funding and joint venture partners. It is a resource that every entrepreneur and investor needs if they wish to be successful and competitive in their industry.

Project and business owners seeking sources of funding, and monitoring of the investments and competition in their industry, including the location, length and period of the investment, need timely market research and data in these areas. Investors seeking informative and timely reports on the money flow and activities of companies and venture projects also need such research in order to be competitive in their investment activities.

The Hannaian Index (Hannadex.com) provides online reports and access to a comprehensive database of this information and data for a monthly subscription fee. The Index is designed to provide funding and investment information and data for Public and Private Traders & Investors, Project and Business Owners, Institutional Investors, Inventors and Researchers, Technology Transfer Professionals, Business Educators and Students, Lawyers, Accountants, Venture & Angel Capitalists, Hedge Fund & Private Equity Operators, Investment Bankers, Government Agencies, Community Economic Developers, Contractors & Developers, Market Researchers and anyone who needs to know where, how, to whom, for what purpose, and the source of money being spent on new capital intensive projects.

Success in Investments is all about Opportunity Cost, and Opportunity Cost is first all about having knowledge and timely information about where the best opportunties are at any point in time.

The Hannaian Index collects and tracks the details of specially selected and funded capital projects throughout the United States and the World. Hannadex Reports thus provides timely insights into the movement of money, and business and investment related activity in the global economy. The information is easily accessed, constantly updated relevant market and investment research information. The data is collected, compiled, factually editorialized and rated for each project and industry.  

Projects seeking funding or joint venture partners, and professionals in the financial and investment industry may also self-register with Hannadex to showcase their operations. Capital market public securities screening and research is also available.

If you need startup, development, or operational funding, you should Hannadex your project, business, or invention to see where the money is, who is your funded competition, what they are doing, and where the industry is going.

Hannadex is therefore an essential tool for any entrepreneur or investment based player wanting to be successful, competitive, and needing to find and track the sources of money and investments in the global market.

Anyone looking for a way to find money, either to fund business and project operations, or to make money through investment activities, or by selling products and providing services, or simply by finding a job, will benefit from a subscription to the information contained in the Hannadex Reports produced by the Hannaian Index and Hannaian Research Institue, and should be registered and listed in the Index.