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  • 3 Dividend Stocks at Reasonable Prices - Investment Ideas

    There's a new acronym gaining momentum in the investing world: FOBOR. It stands for FOrced Buyers Of Risk. What it means essentially is that due to aggressive monetary policies by central banks, investors have basically been forced out of fixed income assets like bonds and into riskier asset...

    Tags: Investment Ideas, CVX, KSS, RCI, WMT

    4020 days ago

  • Double Down On These Gaming Stocks - Investment Ideas

    The economy seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Unemployment is on its way down. The stock market (S&P 500) is making all-time highs, so is it time to take a gamble? I'm not talking about any gamble, I want a calculated gamble. One that will pay off because times are gett...

    Tags: Investment Ideas, IGT, LVS, MGM

    4020 days ago

  • 5 Secrets of Wall Street - Investment Ideas

    Investing can be a jungle, a battlefield, even a nightmare if you don't follow sound principles of diversification and risk management. The good news is that in the age of the Internet, the self-directed investor has been given access to the research and tools of the professionals. The bad n...

    Tags: Investment Ideas

    4020 days ago

  • Auto Retail Stocks: Too Good to be True? - Investment Ideas

    Could an investment be too good to be true? Lost amidst the earnings reports by such investor favorites as Apple and Procter & Gamble were the earnings reports of the auto retailers. I'm not talking about the auto manufacturers like Ford and Toyota. I'm talking about the retailers who ...

    Tags: Investment Ideas, ABG, AN, LAD

    4020 days ago

  • 4 Big Winners from this Earnings Season - Investment Ideas

    We are just past the halfway mark for first quarter earnings season, and if you just look at the percentage of positive earnings surprises, things have been pretty decent. So far a solid 68% of companies have delivered positive earnings surprises, although earnings growth is a lackluster +2....

    Tags: Investment Ideas, LL, MTH, PCH, RE

    4020 days ago

  • Lessons From The Twitter Crash - Investment Ideas

    On Tuesday, April 23 the markets plunged after the Associated Press twitter account was hacked and published a tweet that two bombs had exploded in the White House and Barack Obama was injured. The Dow Jones Industrial average plunged 150 points in only a few seconds, but quickly rec...

    Tags: Investment Ideas, AAPL, Z

    4020 days ago

  • How to Pick Cinderella Stocks - Investment Ideas

    Did you follow the NCAA tournament this year? Maybe you even participated in one of the fantasy tournaments online where you pick teams in each bracket. Every year the tournament has its upsets with a #14 seed beating a #3 seed, and this year was no different. The problem with filling out th...

    Tags: Investment Ideas

    4020 days ago

  • 6 Stocks With Hot Earnings Streaks - Investment Ideas

    Wall Street calls it "managing expectations." The rest of us call it "earnings season." Yet for all the talk about how good companies are at massaging their numbers so that they beat the EPS estimate, there are, surprisingly, very few that can actually beat consistently quarter after quart...

    Tags: Investment Ideas, APOL, DLTR, HLF, JAH, KAI, WYN

    4020 days ago

  • Three Stocks Set to Top Earnings Estimates - Investment Ideas

    ESP 041813 The earnings pace as quickened this week and the results have not be stellar.   By Monday afternoon, only 34 of the 498 stocks in the S&P 500 had reported.  Of those 34 companies we saw total earnings up +16% from the same period last year, with 64.7% of them bea...

    Tags: Investment Ideas, AAPL, DV, EBAY, HAS, INTC, NOK, USG

    4020 days ago

  • Investor Expectations and this Earnings Season - Investment Ideas

    So we actually went "over" the fiscal cliff, hiked taxes on Americans and began making automatic budget cuts via the sequestration. Despite all those negatives, stocks have managed to add almost 11% year to date, even after the recent selling pressures. Why? Because there is not only value ...

    Tags: Investment Ideas

    4020 days ago